Nervous about getting wisdom teeth cut out. What should I do?

Discuss with Dentist. You should have a consultation with the dentist who recommended that you remove your wisdom teeth. He\she can explain everything to you and hopefully put your mind at ease. You should be completely numb for the procedure, and can be given nitrous oxide analgesia or even IV sedation if necessary. Discuss your specific situation with the dentist who knows you and your case best.
Comfort zone. The removal of wisdom teeth is a serious surgical procedure. Sedation dentistry is used to provide a safe, comfortable relaxing and anxiety-free experience for certain people receiving any dental treatment. Depending on your degree of fear or anxiety, different levels of sedation may be required include general anesthesia. Take care and have a comfortable experience.
Anxiety. It is normal to feel anxious about your anticipated procedure. Most people carry some fear about getting their wisdom teeth extracted. However, keep in mind, most people tolerate the procedure fairly well, and there's no reason you would not do the same.
Dont be nervous. Its a common procedure see an oral surgeon, a specialist and if needed ask for nitrous oxide ( laughing gas) or sedation.
Talk to your dentist. Talk you your general dentist or oral surgeon, tell them you are nervous and ask them what they can do for you to reduce your fears. Talk to others whom they have performed extractions and see how their experience was .