My tooth filling hurts. What's wrong?

Many reasons. Teeth can hurt after a filling due to improperly placed filling or a dying or irritated tooth nerve.
See your dentist. Many things can be wrong. The tooth can have a cavity, fracture, root sensitivity, gum disease, tooth infection, grinding or clenching of your teeth etc. See your dentist asap.
That depends. If it is a new filling it could be too high or if it was close to the nerve the tooth may just need some time to adjust. If it is an old filling it could be cracked or have new decay under it. In any case you need to have a dentist evaluate the problem.

Related Questions

Does it hurt to get a tooth filling?

Should NOT. With the anesthetics available today there should be no pain in getting a routine filling done.
Unlikely. Once you have had enough local anesthesia, then you should not feel any pain.

What does it mean if my tooth filling still hurts after a few months?

See dentist. A recent tooth filling can present with some post-op pain. Your dentist would like to know of any discomfort you are experiencing. They can often perform some minor treatment on the tooth to allow the symptoms to subside. It may be a simple as adjusting a high bite which can cause the tooth to be sore. However, it could be some serious problem with your tooth that needs to be serviced. Call.
That depends. If it hurts when you put biting pressure on it then the filling nay be to high. If it hurts to sweets it may have a faulty margin and may need to be replaced. If it hurts to hot and cold then they nerve may be inflamed and it might need riot canal therapy. Return to your dentist and have them evaluate the problem so you can get it resolved.
Poss. Root canal? Tooth sensitivity following placement of a filling is fairly common. Usually, the sensitivity resolves on its own within a few weeks. The rule of thumb: contact your dentist if the sensitivity does not subside within two to four weeks or if your tooth is extremely sensitive. If the decay was very deep to the pulp of the tooth, the root canal therapy will be required. Rec.: see your dentist.

My husband's tooth filling came out and now the tooth is loose and it hurts. Should he pull it out or wait till morning to go to the dentist?

Wait. Assuming it is only a bit loose but still solidly in the socket, in most cases best to wait.
Wait. The tooth is probably not loose enough to pull it out. He will only create more pain. Also it may not be necessary for the tooth to be removed. Only after an exam, can a dentist advise him on this.
Cracked? He may have split his tooth in half. This can happen with mercury fillings. See a dentist asap.

Does it hurt to get a tooth filling? Will doctors numb me first?

Shouldn't hurt. Dental treatment should never hurt. You may be a little sore afterwards, but the vast majority of the time you will be numb for your filling so that you do not experience pain. If something does hurt while the dentist is working on your tooth, let him know so that he can stop and fix the situation. Everyone's body is different & sometime people require extra anesthetic.
No and Yes. No, it doesn't hurt. Yes, they will numb you first. You can be completed numbed up and therefore not feel anything when you get your tooth restored with a filling. Ask about also getting laughing gas (sweet air) if your doctor uses that. It will make the entire procedure easier for you.
Depends. If you go to a gentle, caring dentist who will numb you painlessly and thoroughly, your filling experience will be good. The opposite is also true.
Usually no. Yes, local anesthesia is the norm. Ask the Dentist before starting. Express your concerns. Good Luck.
Consult with dentist. Any concerns, discuss with your dentist prior to the appointment. Local anaesthesia is the norm for restorative dentistry. If needed the dentist can administer nitrous oxide or prescribe oral medication to ease your anxiety.
Painless. Fortunately, with Modern Dentistry, the tooth-filling procedure is painless.

Tounge was hurt from sharp tooth filling 02/02, filling fixed on 07/02. How long for it to heal fully so it won't hurt at all when I swallow?

Depends. If it is just an irritation, then probably you should feel somewhat better within 2 weeks. If it is infected, then you need to see a dentist to evaluate and treat this problem.
By now. I am in usa, so I assume you mean feb 2 and feb 7. All should be fine by now (feb 18). If not, go back to the dentist right now!

What is the safest tooth filling?

ADA approved. Any dental material that is approved by American Dental Association has an established record of safety and effectiveness. Both dental amalgams and various alternative materials are considered effective and safe to use. Your dentist will help you to chose the best one for you.

If a tooth filling came out what do we do?

Put one back in. If you lost a filling in a tooth then go to the dentist and have it replaced. It could be a matter of a simple replacement or if there is more problems with the tooth...It could need a bigger filling, or a crown or more. Sometimes fillings just fall out or break and fall out and sometimes something is wrong with the tooth that caused the filling to fall out. Good luck.
Refill, Crown or.... Fillings usually don't just come out unless something is wrong. More often than not it is due to recurrent decay under or around the filling. Sometimes it's just from wear and tear over time or enough pressure on the filling causing it to break. Occasionally the surrounding tooth breaks and then the filling falls out. Your dentist can determine if it can be refilled or a crown is necessary.
New filling. Get a new filling! In the mean time, drug stores carry temporary filling material you can place in the hole to tide you over until your dental visit.
Get it replaced. See the Dentist ASAP and get it replaced before you get more decay and possibly lose the tooth. Good Luck.
See dentist. And have the filling replaced asap.
See your dentist. For evaluation, x-ray and proper treatment. Best of luck!