What are the odds of me getting chicken pox if I've been exposed and never got any vaccination?

Likely. Chicken pox is easily shared among people who don't have immunity. Immunity is through infection or immunization. It can be contagious a day or 2 before the blisters appear, and remains contagious until all the blisters crust over. It can take 10-21 days to show symptoms once you've been exposed. A vaccine can prevent serious disease. Go to your doc if you get the rash to properly document.
Likely But Be Smart. See dr. Stuppy's answer. But to add, if for some reason you do not become infected, immunize asap!
Perhaps. If you do get chicken pox there is a great homeopathic remedy that reduces itching and helps with crusting over. It is rhus tox 30c or 200c . Take three times a day for 3-5 days. If you are asking as an adult also see your md. If you do get chickenpox you want a mild case! your underlying health will affect the course.