My wrist doesn't hurt but my thumb is killing me. Could it be from having carpal tunnel?

Thumb pain especiall. At the base of thumb commonly is due to arthritis or tendonitis, the nerve pain that affects the thumb and fingers can be from carpal tunnel too but its is a diferent type of pain, a numb tingling pain that in severe cases of cts is known as dysesthesia or painful feeling.
No. The symptoms you describe suggest a tendonitis or arthritis. Carpal tunnel syndrome presents with pins and needles, numbness or electric shock sensation in a different distribution in the hand.

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I'm having problems with my wrist. It hurts both pinky side and thumb side could it be carpal tunnel? Or overuse injury? What can I do to relievepain?

Wrist pain. Wrist pain can be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, overuse, or other injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is characterized by tingling sensation on palmar aspect of thumb/2nd/3rd/half of the 4th, it does not affect the pinky (5th). You can take otc pain relievers for pain. However, you will need proper evaluation by a physician. Good luck.

I have carpal tunnel in both of my wrists, lately my hands have been going numb quicker then usual. My left thumb hurts after it's numb. Why?

Pain in thumb C6. There's an entity called a C6 radiculopathy which may explain the isolated pain to that digit as well as numbness. Also, something called TENOSYNOVITIS could explain the thumb. You are awfully young to be having bilateral CTS. What type of work you do? I know you've got wrist braces but has your diagnosis been confirmed by either a good neurological exam or an EMG/NCV test? If not, consider them.
Carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel implies that the blood supply to the median nerve s compromised. If it is a transient temporary thing then it will not cause "damage" however if it is a chronic long term problem then there can be permanent loss of sensation and muscle function. If you like you can call this "damage" but I hate the word damage or nerve damage as it connotates a problem the can't be treated. When in f.

Could poor circulation cause carpal tunnel-like signs in the wrist and under the thumb?

Carpal Tunnel Synd. Having carpal tunnel syndrome can feel like the circulation is being cut off in the hand. Usually this is because the nerve is being compressed by surrounding tissues. See a hand surgeon to have a thorough history and physical. Treatments can vary from nsaids, splinting, steroid injection, to minimally invasive surgery.
Wrist and thumb. Carpal tunnel can cause numbness or pins and needles. Poor circulation can cause very similar symptoms. So the answer is yes.

I have shooting pains and sometimes numbness in my thumb which leads to my wrist and goes down my arm sometimes. Is this a sign of carpal tunnel?

Pain numb thumb. Yes these are symptoms consistant with carpal tunnel syndrome. Often caused by overuse or irritation of hand and wrist e.g. Computer typing or mouse causing repetitive tissue injury in the hand and wrist. See your doctor for help. Meanwhile cut down on excessive movement of hand and wear wrist brace.
Carpal tunnel. Numbness in the hand especially in the thumb index and middle fingers can be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. It can also cause pain in the wrist shooting up the forearm. A nerve conduction test and EMG is sometimes needed to make the diagnosis.

Alot of aching pain radiating from elbow to wrist and up my thumb. I type all day. Carpal tunnel?

Could be CTS. Cut back on typing and wear a neutral splint at night for a couple of weeks. If symptoms persist get an EMG-NCS to clarify diagnosis and exclude confounding issues like polyneuropathy or median neuropathy above the wrist.

Sharp pain on left thumb & wrist & spread to forearm which makes it feel very heavy and numb occur most night. Is it carpal tunnel or nerve compression?

Could be CTS. It sounds like it could be carpal tunnel syndrome (cts)which is a type of nerve compression, but this will often affect other fingers rather than just the thumb. Is it on the lateral or outside of the thumb? It could be a tenosynovitis as well. If you look up a test called a finklestein test, you can check yourself and see if its that. If you have neck pain, it could also be a radiculitis.

Numbness in thumb, middle and index finger, sharp pains when grasping, stiffness and swelling in wrist, gets worse with time. Carpal tunnel?

Yes. Good diagnosis. Speak with pmd for further evaluation.
Carpal Tunnel Syn. Nocturnal numbness ; paresthesia associated with burning pain is fairly typical of nerve compressions like carpal tunnel with or without associated nerve compression in the neck. Your pcp will refer you to a neurologist for emg/nct to confirm/exclude the dignoses ; you will then likely be referred to a hand surgeon. In interim, start using hand brace and nsaids. Md may inject steroid.