If someone who has a cold sore kisses you, will you automatically get herpes no matter what?

No. Nothing is automatic or guaranteed. You were definitely exposed though. Pay attention for the following symptoms - tingling on a specific place of your lips (usually one side or the other), small blisters along the lip line, or, at the first outbreak, feeling "under the weather", like you have the flu. If these occur, there are medicines that can shorten the outbreak.
No. Many people develop antibodies when exposed and never develop lesions.

Related Questions

If you drink after your spouse when he has a cold sore, will you get herpes?

Odds minimal. Odds are you wont, but you could, probably from the virus on the glass rather than from being in the drink. But be logical, get your own drink and dont gamble. Unless you have a craving for a herpetic virus. Read more...

If he has a cold sore on his lip, can I get genital herpes from this?

Yes. I would refrain from oral sex until the cold sore disappears. It is possible that the sore on your partners lip is being caused by herpers simplexii which is genital herpes. My best advice is be safe during this oral outbreak. Read more...

My friend has a cold sore on her lip and she touched the end of my razor, can I get herpes from this if I use it?

Unlikely. The herpes virus is spread by skin to skin contact. The virus can only survive outside the body (ie. on a razor blade) for seconds. Your chances are extremely low. Read more...