Does your tooth turn gray after a root canal?

Sometimes. The darkening of a tooth after trauma or root canal treatment is the result of blood from the pulp penetrating the dentin (tooth structure) and oxidizing (rusts). This condition can occasionally be corrected with bleaching. It should be noted however that bleaching has been linked to a destructive condition known as cervical resorption. Check with your dds what would be best for you.
It might. Teeth that are no longer vital tend to darken. Whitening and cosmetic restorations are sometimes used to bring back the natural color.

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What can I do if my tooth has gray spots on it, is this a sign for a root canal?

No way to know. Over the internet and without being able to see your tooth and an x-ray of it. Swelling, pain, pain on pressure, pain to heat relieved by cold, and the entire tooth turning dark especially after a former traumatic injury are typical signs of needing rct. Some gray spots on a tooth are not.
Not Sure. Color variations on teeth occur for many reasons. Some of these may include variations in mineralization, stains, and even decay. Signs for root canal infections may include alterations of color but not always. I suggest you call your dentist to evaluate the specifics of your case and diagnose the findings. Good luck -.

3 days after failed root canal extraction (tooth #30), discomfort persists, socket is not dry. Why is it filled with gray/green salty tasting matter?

Post op healing. The area is still healing so it will be sore for several days. Make sure you are keeping the area clean by rinsing your mouth after eating and following the post op instructions that your were given. The dentist that extracted your tooth can give you the best answer.
Post op socket. Some discomfort is to be expected. Unfortunately, we would have to actually examine you in order to determine the state of health and healing in that area. Why don't you call the dentist who extracted the tooth to discuss this issue and then follow up on healing?

What is best for a 3 yr old. Baby root canal or getting the tooth pulled? I believe she has a abscess on her gum above her gray front tooth.

Extraction. If the tooth is abscessed, a pu[potomy (baby root canal) will not work and the tooth should be extracted. Really hate to remove a front tooth before age 4 but some times it is necessary. Sometimes...If there is no pain and no swelling, we will delay extraction until after age four as by then the permanent teeth are in position to hold their space.
Baby root canal. I would suggest trying to keep the baby teeth as long as possible. Baby teeth help keep the space for the permanent teeth. However, if the infection cannot be resolved with a pulpotomy "baby root canal". Then I would suggest getting the tooth out to prevent chronic infection and possible damage to the permanent tooth bud underneath the gum.
Baby root canal. Retaining space for the permanent teeth as long as possible is usually desired. Root canal followed by capping of the involved teeth is usually the tx of choice. However size and location of abcess, amount of bone support remaining on tooth root and homecare all play a role in the decision to keep the tooth or not. You dont want to potentially harm the adjacent teeth or developing adult tooth.
Extraction. If this was a back tooth I would make every reasonable effort to save the tooth with a baby root canal and a stainless steel crown in order to preserve space for the permanent teeth. Depending on the size of the abscess the tooth may still be savable. Front teeth are a different issue. Baby root canals tend to work poorly for front teeth and space loss is not really an issue in front.
Primary teeth. Unfortunately- the tooth will remain gray even if you opt for the pulp therapy. The patient is still active and there is always the chance of 2nd injury to the area. With an infection- the root anchoring the tooth can eventually resorb and the adult tooth may have a small scar. The tooth will never be quite the tooth it was suppose to be. Easiest to recover from may be the extraction.