Pain in left foot and leg. How to ease this?

Depends of the cause. Pain could be due to different reasons. A thorough history and physical exam and possibly some laboratory and radiology exams may help to determine the right cause. Pain may be due to: trauma (fracture, sprains, arthritis), infection, metabolic conditions (gout), biomechanical abnormality, blood clot, nerve damage (neuropathy) and etc. Treatment will depend on the cause.

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What the cause of foot pain on the top of your left foot that sometimes travel up the left side of you leg?

Many possibilities. Nerve entrapment, fracture, soft tissue injury, tendonitis. Is there swelling? If so see podiatrist and stay oof of it. Otherwise you can try ice/heat and wear supportive well fitting shoes. If that is not helpful, see podiatrist.
Pain that travels. Is usually nerve related and called a radiculopathy, the most common one being sciatica, .

What could be the diagnosis for a 64 year old with no history of trauma, left hip, left thigh, left lower leg and left foot pain?

Arthritis. Could be do to arthritis in your hip or lower back. Need to see an orthopedist for proper diagnosis.
Have it looked at. You may have a pinched nerve or arthritis. Have it evaluated and get the appropriate treatment.

I recently had foot pain on back of right foot. That is better but now ankle of left foot has pain at times at area of old injury. Ice & rest helps.

Inflammation. You seem to have inflammation in the soft tissue structures of your feet/ankles. It could be a mechanical problem like depressed arches of the feet. It could also be conditions like gout or autoimmune disorders that are more serious. You have mentioned doing PT and MRI. In think you should see a rheumatologist sego can diagnose and treat these conditions.

I began to experience left foot pain when walking yesterday. Pain is towards the heel, and is mild. No pain at all when walking up stairs. What to do?

Stretch and massage. Consider massaging the arch and heel. Stretching the foot by pulling toes toward you can also help relieve tension on the plantar fascia ligament on the bottom of your feet. I would also recommend proper arch supports in your shoes.

Returning left foot pain, top/side of the foot, directly down from small toe about halfway. Cuboid? Calcaneous? Pretty sure not rolled ankle. Help

X-ray. Avulsion of the base of the 5th metatarsal at the insertion of the peroneus brevis muscle would be the most common cause. An ossicle at the same point could also be painfully arthritic. An x-ray will prove the Dx. Healing simply takes careful neglect over time.

I have been having foot pain for a couple days now. I used to wear orthotic shoe inserts. I have knee problem. This is on my left foot. It's pulsating.

Need new orthotics! If you used to wear them and now they are either too small or they are worn, your body is telling you something. For the pain, rub your foot in the arch area to warm it up. Also, a nice cold bottle that you can roll your foot on will help decrease the pain and pulsating.