What should you consider the best medicinee or "home remedy" for the common cold/flu. Non- prescription?

Treatment for cold. Stay home and rest--get lots of sleep, drink warm fluids, eat chicken soup, inhale steam from tea kettle through nose and breath in, take regular vitamins and extra vit c-1000mg, use zinc louzenges-dissolve slowly in mouth three times per day.
Chicken soup & zinc. Chicken soup has been used for treating common colds for centuries. It may really help. The heat, fluid, and salt may help you fight the infection. People who take vitamin c regularly seem to have slightly shorter colds and milder symptoms. Taking vitamin c after your have a cold doesn't seem to be helpful. Zinc supplements taken within 24 hours of the onset for at least 5 days may be helpful.
Propolis. Propolis mixed with honey take in mouth wait till honey melts and swallow this will immediately relief pain in throat. Ongoing use nac -n-acetyl cysteine and intenzyme for fatigue and pain relief.