What is a good fluoride-free toothpaste for 3 year olds?

Try xylitol contain. Carifree toothpaste is nice, make sure there's some anti-cavity benefit such as xylitol, etc. Also, best to have ada seal of approval.
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Any. Use very little.... Any Fluoride toothpaste will do.
Stages. Stages by oral-b is great as your child gets older the amount of Fluoride in the toothpaste is increased.
Several Brands. Ther are several brands of Fluoride free infant toothpastes. These include: baby orajel toddler trainig toothpaste, aquafresh infant toothpaste, frst teeth baby toothpaste and many others. They will all work well, it is just a matter of what flaovor your child likes best.