What can I do to get rid of dark spots?

Several things. Symptoms and concerns like these mandate a thorough evaluation by your doctor. Only after such an evaluation, which may include labs and radiographic examinations, can he/she let you know what's going on and how best to help you.

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What can I do to get rid of dark spots left from acne?

Early salicylic late. Early on, salicylic a i'd preparations may limit inflammation which can produce hyperpigmentation. Late pigmentation can be treated with bleaching agents such as hydroquinone in combination with a retinoid and steroid. Alternatively, som chemical peels or fractionated laser treatments can also produce nice results. Read more...

What can I do to get rid of these dark spots on my face?

Laser. Lasers can help, as can bleaching creams, staying out of the sun (sunscreen), and chemical peels. Dermatologists are good at treating dark spots. http://www.lasvegasdermatology.com/services/laser-facial. Read more...