How to fix traumatic facial scars?

Reconstructive surg. Best to consult a reconstructive surgeon to determine the best modalities for treatment. Some may be non-surgical, or you may need special surgical techniques to modify, camoflage, or rearrange your scars. Scar management may require steroid injections, carboxytherapy, microneedling, or other techniques. One approach is not necessarily better than another to obtain a good result.
Traumatic facial. The best way to improve the look of traumatic facial scars very much depends on location, age and look of the scar. Is the scar thick, thin, jagged, depressed for instance. Any modality, from surgery, lasers, intense pulsed light to dermabrasion & microdermabrasion or a combination may be beneficial. It would be best fro you to consult with a facial plastic surgeon with expertise in scar revision.