I pulled ligaments from my right ankle about 2nonths ago, and it went away so I started running again and for the past two weeks I feel tingly and numbness ion my toes?

Ankle injury. Many patients will get some type of tingling or numbness in their foot or toes after an ankle injury. Most will resolve without any abnormalities within weeks to months for severe injuries. If you are concerned and it is not getting any better, getting an exam will help!
?tarsal tunnel syndr. Could be that there is now a change in how your foot lands while running and this irritates a nerve at the medial ankle, causing tarsal tunnel symptoms. A good orthotic from a podiatrist may help and reverse this. Get evaluated, soon, and avoid more dramatic intervention.
Foot numbness. Ankle injury can cause a stretching mechanism called a traction palsy to nerves that go to the foot and toes. Also nerves can become less mobile as they can get adherent to scar tissue when a ligament injury heals. Either way it should resolve with time but as with most nerve issues the time can be on the order of 6 to 12 months. .