Does tinging in feet and legs have anything to do with your heart?

Possible neuropathy. Depending on the affected nerves, symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can range from a numbness and tingling sensation, possibly a burning sensation, to an uncomfortable painful sensation of the extremities. Neuropathy may affect your digestive system, urinary tract, blood vessels and the heart. For some people, the symptoms are mild; for others, it can be painful and disabling.
No. Tingling in arms and the face can represent signs of stroke, but tingling in legs and feet typically represent nerve pathology. Most commonly, it is associated with diabetes, radiculopathy (back issues), or localized nerve impingement.

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My akle and foot hearts my brother pushed the couch onto my leg and now it really herts what should I do?

Further evaluation. Ouch. Sound like you need to visit a doctore for further evaluation. Possible xray is needed to see if you broke something. Could be a contusion injury that needs further evaluation and treatment. Without seeing it in detail, it is hard to further recommended treatment options.
Have it evaluated. Your pain could be as a result of many different things. One would need to do a thorough history and physical exam and possibly some radiology exams to determine the exact cause. Have it evaluated by a professional to see if you have fractured it of if it is just a soft tissue injury such as a contusion or a sprain. You may have injured nerves, blood vesicles, muscles, ligaments or tendons.

I have shooting pains through my arm and leg and some tingling. They don't last long. Could this be a sign of heart attack?

Probably not. If you are young and healthy, you are at a low risk for heart attack. The classic description of a heart attack pain is crushing chest pain with radiation into the left arm. It usually is not described as tingling. It also does not go into the leg. Tingling is often associated with nerve pain. A "pinched" nerve can lead to shooting pains with tingling, particularly associated with movement.
Doubtful. Those are not classic symptoms at 20yo for a heart attack, but get checked out by a dr. To get a full clinical evaluation to diagnose what is the problem, so you can get the proper treatment, best wishes.

Have pain under both feet left side leg both shoulders and lleft arm what is these symptoms for? I use low heart medication

Need to be seen. Your symptoms are significant but vague. Pain is usually caused by vascular deficiency or nerve damage. Your history of hypertension is a risk, do not just swallow Ibuprofen to kill the pain without knowing the cause. It's advisable that you get evaluated by a doctor.

I do have swelling in my legs and feet why doese it fell like things are cawiig on me I do have corney heart diease I am on meds to

Many possibilities. The feeling of bugs crawling on your skin can be caused by a variety of different conditions some of which including peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia, vitamin B12 deficiency, Morgellons disease and side effects to medications. Discuss it with you physician and have them help you determine the cause.

My heart is fine, so wwat could cause spasms and pains in my left foot or leg?

My heart is fine. Spasms and pains in lower extremity could develop from l4-l5-s1 disc herniation, anything that compresses spinal cord in that region, as well as narrowing or occlusion of the arteries. You can see a podiatrist who can rule out the cause of the problem or get a vascular and neurological consult.

My left leg swells down to my feet when I stand and walk it goes down once I ldown and elivate it I have checked my heart ad kidney and it came back o?

Sluggish return..... It sounds as though you need to have the veins on your leg evaluated for valve problems. While they're at it, a check for inflammation of the veins might be in order.

I had been having tingling in my legs. Then discoloration on my right leg. The echocardiograph shows leaking on left side of heart. What is wrong?

Unrelated. Nearly everyone has some mitral regurgitation ("left heart leaking"). Even if it's very severe (4+) and/or involves the aortic valve, it wouldn't cause your symptoms. Tingling in the legs (paresthesia) is a symptom of neuropathy. Neurologists ae the experts with this. Discoloration can be due to many different things, none of which are related to your heart. Dermatologists are the experts with this.

Heavy legs and tingling in right arm is it a heart attack?

Not typically. Without any more information its difficult to opine. Your symptoms are not typical of a heart attack. Old age, diabetes and female gender sometimes present with atypical presentation. I will advice to seek medical attention asap if this is a new symptom presentation.
It varies. Symptoms of heart attack are classically crushing chest pain that radiates into the jaw and left arm. Not everyone has these symptoms and people can have other symptoms as well including heavy legs and tingling in either arm. If you have any risk factors for heart disease and any question if you are having a heart attack, you should immediately go to your nearest emergency department.