I sometimes get heart pain and spine pain where I cannot move or breath I just have to wait it out.

See your doctor. With symptoms lasting this long you need to be seen by your doctor who will examine and test you to see what's wrong.

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Male 29, 45 KG, Height 5'6". Pain in left arm, shoulder, back pain centered right behind heart. I ate meat in noon, feel heavy. Gas or Heart Pain?

GERD. I see you're treated for GERD and have taken Nexium/Esomeprazole. At 29, your risk for heart disease is exceptionally low. Your symptoms are very strongly suggestive of acid reflux with esophagitis and/or gastritis/or dyspepsia. Have you been checked for H. pylori? Barrett's Esophagus? You need more testing to find out why your symptoms are so severe. Read more...