What is a good over-the-counter med for acid reflux with the least amount of side effects?

See below. All meds have side effects; it's important to be diagnosed before getting tx. Meds differ in effect on people: what works for one does nothing for another. Some get reflux relief by avoiding triggers & using antacids (tums/ rolaids/etc). Others need stronger acid blocking & use h2 blockers like pepcid/zantac (both low side effects). Some need powerful meds—ppis like prilosec/prevacid. See doc 1st.
Pepsid or Zantac (ranitidine) Pepsid ( generic famotadine) is a good over the counter medicine for reflux. Zantac ( generic ranitidine is also good) both of these are well tolerated with minimum side effects. Please make sure your diagnosis has been confirmed by a professional before self medicating.