Whate is the best treatment of chronic urinary bladder infection?

Hard to say. Use of nightly low dose antibiotics can be by effective but you will need to see a specialist for an evaluation of your issues first.
Chronic UTI. In addition to treating the infection with antibiotics as recommended by your doctor, drink at least 16 ounces of bottled water frequently, cranberry juice, echinacia, black cohosh, vitamin c & zinc, avoid sugars & chocolate & caffeine, and ofcourse cleanliness is vital.

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Can urinary bladder infection happen in young ages? What are the causes of the disease? And I am virgin.

Usually random. Urinary tract infections can occur at any age and most women experience a UTI, sometimes several times. Usually there is no obvious underlying cause; it happens randomly. Follow your doctor's advice, which will include brief antibiotic treatment, usually 3-5 days. If it becomes a recurrent problem, maybe you will need evaluation for underlying causes, but that's unlikely. Read more...

Dad 69yrs old CT scan result says: urinary bladder appears thickwalled+trabeculated 0.9CM along right lateral wall. What does this mean? Infection?

Obstruction or tumor. Hi Johnny, This is abnormal. The thickened, trabeculated wall can be caused by the bladder working against an obstruction. Is there difficulty urinating? A tumor or cancer is a possibility, but sounds unlikely. An infection usually causes symptoms such as burning. A urinalysis would help to identify an infection or tumor. A discussion with his doctor and a Urology consult should be done. Read more...