Had my wisdom tooth extracted yesterday due to infection when does the infection clear up?

Ask the treating dds. Sometimes quickly if the infection was minimal or could be longer. For bad infections you may need antibiotics and antibacterial rinses. Your treating general dentist or oral surgeon should be the person to tell you.
Shoul clear soon. It should clear in 24 to 48 hours.
Soon. If the teeth were the source of the infection, it will clear up soon. If the infection was spreading, you should probably be on antibiotics to help clear up the infection sooner.
Removing tooth helps. Extracting the tooth will help the infection drain. Perhaps you are or have been on antibiotics that will also help. My guess is that you will be feeling a great deal better with that tooth out in a matter of days. But I am not a dentist, so please contact your dentist or oral surgeon if you have concerns. Good luck. Lgromkomd (not dds!).

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I now have a sinus infection after having my lower right wisdom tooth extracted a few weeks ago. Is this a complication?

Not likely. Sinus problems due to dental complications involve the upper teeth. The roots of the upper molars are adjacent to the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw. Your lower teeth are in a completely different bone (mandible) that does not connect to sinuses. . Read more...
Not related. The maxillary sinus sits right above the roots of maxillary molars and premolars and is not related to lower teeth. See your PCP if concerned. Read more...