My fiancee gets nosebleeds alot, refuses to be checked, is this a sign of something serious?

Why nosebleeds. Many causes of nosebleeds,commonest being dryness,when the small blood vessels open up,can,be stopped with pinching nose,repeaters episodes should be looked at,blood clotting disorders,blood vessel,growths(hemangioma a)untranslated drug use,and blood vessel disease,have him checked out.
Maybe? Nose bleeds can be from a number of reasons. Ususally they are minor and a nuiassance. Usually due to dryness in the nose, allergies, infections or trauma. More serious problems can be tumors, leukemia, clotting disorders, and high blood pressure. Depending on age, medications taken, other history and exam, hard to say. Continue to encourage him to see his pcp or ent. Check it out!