Can someone tell me how long will it take for pain to subside from sinus infection affection right side of face?

Clear the blockage. Pain from a sinus infection occurs due to the pressure build up in one of the sinuses due to blockage of the meatus ("drain" of the sinus.) clearing this blockage can be accomplished through lavage (nedi pot, saline nose spray, etc.), mucolytics (mucinex, plain robitussin), decreasing the viscosity by drinking lots of fluids, and antibiotics to kill bacterial infections that cause swelling.
5-10 days. If you are diagnosed and treated for acute sinusitis, your symptoms should improve on antibiotic therapy and slowly get back to normal. If you are still feeling symptoms 2 weeks after a round of antibiotics, return to your md or seek consultation with and ENT to rule out a persistent infection. Dr. Cheng's treatments outlined below are excellent choices. Best wishes.