Hi! I have a sore throat and whenever I swallow, my ears start to hurt! Can someone help me?

Ulcer? People can get ulcers in the back of the throat, even where you can't see in the mirror. Swallowing makes them hurt and you can get ear pain, too, since the nerves for the ear and throat often send each other's signals to the brain by mistake. Get to an ENT so they can scope you to look at that part of the throat.
Referred pain. The tonsils, middle ear, ear canal and eustachian tubes all reside in the same small area. If you have a sore throat, all of the tissues in that area can hurt. You could have "ticks and fleas" and have an ear infection as well as a throat infection, too. If this is not short lived and relieved with symptomatic treatment, see your pcp.