Sharp shin/ankle/knee pain, twinging, & clicking -still. D-dimer saturday, negative -pain worse now. Doctor dismissed me. Go to another? Dvt possible?

Stress Injury? Dvt unlikely with negative ddimer. You may need other tests - xrays, bone scan or mri, depending on what your clinical findings are.
DVT. A DVT could be possible but not likely given the negative d-dimer. Many things can cause pain. I would recommend evaluation by your primary care physician or an orthopedic surgeon.

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I have sharp shin/ankle/knee pain, twinging, & clicking. 2 long haul flights in 3 wks, negative d-dimer. No swelling, worse resting! What is it?

Well multiple jts. Are involved. You should go see your family doctor and see what they think. Generally when you have multiple joints aching it is not from a single injury. One thing that can cause multiple joints to ache and muscle soreness is the flu.
Arthritis. With multiple joints invovlved, not related to your flights. You need a work-up!

Pain in leg for weeks now there is a hard purple pea sized lump on front of knee with redness. Negative us and d dimer. Could it still be dvt?

NO. DVT as a rule do not occur on the front of the leg. This pea sized area could be a small node if located on the front of the leg. If there is pain and redness it needs treatment ans see your doctor. If over the knee cap itself it could be a case of bursitis. Please see your doctor soon and do not open this up or manipulate this.
Not likely. The description is not consistent with DVT, and a negative D-dimer makes it very unlikely that you have a deep vein thrombus.