I have major jaw and ear pain and cannot clench my teeth together and chew what type of doctor should I go to?

Dentist . You want to see a dentist who understands and treats jaw problems. Google for dentist headache tmj.
TMJ Dysfunction. What you seem to be describing is TMJ dysfunction. The best treatment is an anti-inflammatory drug. You should also consider seeing your dentist to have a mouth guard molded for you.
See a dentist. See a dentist for an evaluation. They may be able to solve your problem or they will know who to refer you to. You may have more than one problem.
TMJ - Jaw pain. You have a tmj/muscle dysfunction problem that is treated by a dentist. Select a dentist that routinely treats TMJ with functional orthopedic type applicances. Many dentist treat tmj, however only about 5% are really good at it partly due to familiar with a wide range of modes of therapy to better customize the treatment specifically for your conditions.

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It can. Toothache is sign of serious infection. The more the infection spreads, the more peripheral symptoms. The tooth requires immediate attention (filling and/or root canal or extraction) to treat and to prevent spread of infection. Antibiotics may help control the spread of infection, but will not cure the infection. Lease put down the computer and call your dentist now. Read more...