What's the calorie intake/needs for a 60 yr old man 6'0" who weighs 238lb who is trying to gain muscle, lose fat, and drop total body weight?

Weight loss . There is a great app that can figure that our for you. You can access it through a smart phone or you can go online. Www. Myfitnesspal.Com.
See link. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/calorie-calculator/nu00598 use this calculator by inputing your age, height, weight, gender, & degree of activity. Results will give your daily caloric needs. To lose weight, decrease the total calories per day (e.g. From 2500 to 2000 cal/d). To gain muscle & lose fat, eat lean proteins, limit high glycemic carbs (sugars & starches), use good fats (olive/canola).