For the past two years I have been clearing my throat and nothing seems to help me overcome it, what's wrong?

Probably diet. Check your diet. The throat does not like acids and if you drink coffee, tea, sodas or things like crystal light you can anger your throat. The only way the throat has to protect itself is by secreting mucous and causing the tissues to swell. I have seen so many patients addicted to soda or coffee with symptoms just like yours helped by changing their diet.
Many possibilities. You may have allergies. This is very commone. You also could have gerd and are refluxing acid and this burns the vocal cords and causes clearing of the throat. See your pcp and get evaluated. You may need further testing, treatment and diagnostics. An h-2 blocker or a ppi may be needed. An nasal corticosteroid may be needed . I would get checked out. Going on long enough.