Do's and dont's after a tooth extraction? What can I eat or not eat?

PO Instructions. Eat a soft diet for a few days. Chew on the opposite side. Start rinsing gently with salt water the next day. Don't play with the surtures. Pain should slowly subside over a few days. If begins to intensify, call the dentist you could have a dry socket.
Which tooth ? As a general rule, you want to avoid rinsing and gargling as to not disturb the blood clot and any sutures. Don't brush that area while it is healing, and eat soft, bland foods. Difficult, surgical extractions will require more TLC than a simple loose tooth. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.
Soft diet. Don't use any suction in the extaction site. That is don't smoke, use a straw , spit or rinse vigorously for a couple of days. Eat soft foods and drink using a cup or glass. Avoid anything extremely spicy or extremely hot foods or drinks.