What happens if the pineal gland is removed?

Pinealectomy. The pineal gland may be removed and a person can do just fine. There are complications with this procedure including visual changes and weakness. These often resolve but can be permanent. Pinealectomies are not common.

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What does the pineal gland do? Why might it need to be removed?

Pineal function. The pineal gland makes melatonin. Although the exact function and significance is not fully know, it probably plays a role in circadian rhythm (sleep) and may be involved in reproductive function. It is common for the pineal to calcify, and then is shows up on xrays/scans. The calcification is not a problem. Tumors can form in the pineal, but they are rare (that would be a reason to remove).

Can you tell me how is a pineal gland cyst removed.?

Pineal cyst. Most pineal cysts are not removed unless they are causing symptoms. There are several treatments which most included various surgical approaches to drain the cyst - it depends on your anatomy and the complexity of the cyst as to how the cyst would be drained or removed.

Had a pineal gland tumor removed from brain tuesday, was growing in bran stew as well. Most likely benign or malignant? Treatment follow up? Any ideas

Likely malignant. Pineal tumors that have spread to brain stem are likely to be malignant and require additional therapy. That therapy is dependent on the type of brain tumor. Possibilities include germ cell tumors, primitive neuroectodermal tumors, and astrocytomas. These different tumors are treated with different therapies including chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. I recommend finding a neuro-oncologist.
Pineal Tumors. Nineteen different tumors can occur in the pineal region. Unfortunately, with a variety of tumors possible, treatment and aggressiveness can be variable. The best outcomes, despite the aggressiveness of any tumor, occurs with complete resection of the mass. Patience is hard until the diagnosis is confirmed, but with so many possibilities available, further treatment discussion needs to wait.

3 yr old remission cancer patient has 7mm cyst-like mass on pineal gland, been there for over a yr, grown by 2mm. Right eye removed. What could it be?

Too complicated. I'm very sorry your little one has had to go through this. You really need to talk to your specialists about your questions, as they will have the full clinical picture. They will be able to advise you much better than a short answer from a doctor who is unfamiliar with your child's case.

What could happen if you pineal gland was destroyed?

Pineal gland. I cannot answer your question as sent. Please go online and look for "pineal gland"". Look through a few of them - some easy for non-medical readers, some not so easy. You should be able to get meaningful answers. If after reading you are still concerned, please make another inquiry through HealthTap.

What could happen if a small cyst develops in the pineal gland?

Usually benign. Pineal cysts are not uncommon, and the vast majority just sit there and cause NO problems. Would check periodic MRI's to reassure, but it would be very unusual if the average cyst caused any mass effect to brain.

What does the pineal gland do?

Pineal gland. Please go to Google and type in "pineal gland function". You will a list that includes videos and images. Go through both of them carefully and you will find your answer. Images may be the best start. When you have that under control think about writing an article for a newspaper.

How can I close the pineal gland?

Pineal gland. No you cannot close the pineal gland. Please add some more information that is worrying you.