How to deal with chemical burns from hair removal cream?

I suggest. That you go to type in your browser "burn treatment at home" and go to a site that sells creams for superficial burns. Depending on the skin site, try a little vaseline or cold cream.
Burn. You should see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgery. There are a number of salves that are helpful. The mainstay of treatment of a superficial burn is clean with soap and water and moisturizers.

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I used a facial hair removal cream last night which caused a superficial chemical burn I called an advice nurse who talk me to call poison control and I did but she told me to just rinse my face with cool water for 20 minutes and just keep it moisturize

This could be. an allergic reaction to one or more ingredient of the cream or one of the side effect of the cream. Since the involved area is your face which is one of the most important visible part of the body i suggest to you to go to an Urgent care or ER if you can get a hold of your doctor by phone. If you have any further queries click this --> Read more...
Irritant. The hair removal cream contains irritating ingredients and you might have used more than the amount recommended or just have more sensitive skin than usual. If there is just mild irritation (redness and mild swelling) without blisters, topical hydrocortisone cream may help. If there are blisters, get to the ER to get treated. Read more...