How can your stomach cause you to have pain and pressure in your chest around your heart area?

Anatomically . Anatomically , your heart literally sits on your stomach. Some of the nerves that innervate the stomach are the same nerves that innervate the heart. The type of feeling they produce is not as exact or precise as, say, the nerve in your fingertip. Gastritis, gallstones and acid reflux are often mistaken for heart disease and vice versa.
Location, location. Both the esophagus and stomach are located very close to the heart and therefore symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux (gerd) and peptic ulcer disease (PUD) may often appear in the chest. Gallbladder inflammation and esophageal spasm can also cause chest pain. Heart disease, pulmonary emboli, and pleurisy should be ruled out before looking for gastrointestinal causes.