For the past seven months I have been finding blood on my toilet paper after a bowel movement.?

Possible hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids and anal fissures can cause blood on the toilet paper. However, an examination of the anal area by a physician is important to rule out cancer or benign growths. Before you get to the doctor, you can try otc-hemorrhoidal remedies to see if they have any effect.

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I had a small amount of blood on my toilet paper after a bowel movement. I am only 17 years old. What do I do?

Presumptive fissure. If this is a one time occurrence and associated with straining or a large BM, it is most likely a small fissure or tear of the anal tissue from overstretching or hemorrhoid. Use stool softeners and increase fiber foods like Fruit & Veg and it will heal. If associated with diarrhea, weight loss or fever, or recurrent problems more than a few days, make appt for evaluation.

Have blood only on toilet paper after a bowel movement what could this be been digno with HPV cervixs not invasive high grade need leep?

Probably not vaginal. The bleeding sounds like it's coming from your rectum, not your vagina. Especially if it's only with bowel movements. Have you been constipated? Do you have hemorrhoids? See your doc.

I had bright red blood on my toilet paper and in the toilet after a bowel movement. I have had problems with hemorrhoids. Is it hemorrhoids?

Probably. This would be the most common cause of bright red rectal bleeding in a young adult with a history of hemorrhoid problems, especially if the blood is on the TP or free in the toilet bowel and not mixed with normal appearing stool. Constipation is contributory. If it persists, you should be evaluated to be sure there is not another more serious cause.

I found blood on my toilet paper from my butthole but I didn't have a bowel movement.?

Hemmorhoids, fissure. I would think that this is most likely hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. There is bleeding, and many times there is pain and itching. If you have a lot of blood, I would say get to a hospital/er asap for possible GI bleed, but this is common with hemorrhoids especially, and so if you just have some blood, then take a stool softener and an analgesic and see your doctor if it gets worse.
Red flags. Agree with dr. W. Remember these warning signs: fever, weight loss, belly pain, diarrhea, black or dark red bm's, bleeding that goes on for a long time or returns over and over again. If you have any of these red flags, please see your doc because these are not hemorrhoid signs. Also if you are 50 years or older and haven't been screened for colon cancer, this may be a good reminder to do so!

When I have a bowel movement and I wipe there is a lot of blood on my toilet paper. Why?

Many possibilities. Usually due to a hemorrhoid which is swollen vein around the anus, or a tear in the anal opening. Either problem can be caused by constipation and hard stools, and sometimes by diarrhea. Hemorrhoid medications will help this heal along with stool softeners to prevent any further hard stools. It is wise to have her doctor check it out, as it sometimes is coming from internal bleeding.

I think I have anal fissures. (Blood appears on toilet paper when I wipe after a bowel movement, and the area feels sore. Can I treat it myself, or m?

Yes. Try to use over the counter cortisone cream, then petroleum jelly to heal; but it may be more than fissures, get to a g.i. dr. For evaluation, could be colon cancer.