My left eye twitches fiercely of late. I have had bells palsy twice on that side, once about a year ago. Does this mean I am getting it again?

Get checked. Recurrent bell's palsy is not common so it is possible there is another reason for facial paralysis and now "blepharospasm". I am not sure if you had an MRI at any point to make sure there isn't something else going on inside your brain area but if not i would do so asap. I would see an ENT or a neurologist who can get to the bottom of what is going on.
No. It is more likely that this from your previous bell's palsy. Btw, bell's palsy is often misdiagnosed in my experience. Be sure you have had a work-up for this.
Eye twitches. You might be developing a problem called hemifacial spasm - i would recommend you contact a neurologist for further evaluation and sometimes this can be treated surgically if there is a arterial compression of the facial nerve.