In morning its yellow by the day its clear pee too much & can't hold it not a UTI or STD is this a bad or good thing?

Get checked out. Your urine is darker in the morning because you did not drink all night which leads to a more concentrated urine. You could be drinking too much water during the day which would make you urinate too much. Polyuria is also a sign of uncontrolled diabetes. See your doctor to be checked for this.
Probable bladder pro. Could be bladder or prostate (prostatitis)problem. Doubt a primary problem with urine concentration as the urine is concentrated in the morning. See a urologist.
Probably OK. Darker yellow urine in the morning is from concentrated urine, common overnight so you do not have to void until am. "clear" urine is a sign of dilution, which usually indicates adequate hydration. If you have no other symptoms, it is not a problem. You should not urine-hold when not absolutely essential, it can increase back pressure up to kidneys.