Please explain. Spinal stenosis and neural foraminal stenosis, inferior cervical spine due to posteriordisc osteophyten complex formation, uncovertebral?

Cervical narrowing. Age appropriate changes of a settling cervical spine causing bone spurs and crowding of nerves in neck may cause arm pain and numbess in fingers small and ring with or without neck pain.
Stenosis is a term. Reflecting when the space available to spinal nerves or cord is too small- in this case due to bone spur &disc herniation combo like a large speed bump in the lower part of the neck going across the canal where the cord is extending into the neural foramen where the spinal nerves exit the canal . Uncovertebral refers to small joints that are arthritic in the neck contributing to the "speed bump.".
Cervical stenosis . This means that there are arthritic changes where there is compression due to disc bulging as well as osteophytes (bone spur) in the spinal canal (where spinal cord is) as well as the foramen (where nerve root is) in the lower cervical spine. What needs to be done depends on your symptoms. Hope this helps.