Breathing problem throat infection?

Nonspecific. If you have a sore throat plus shortness of breath, it could be any number of infections. If you can't breath go to your er, but don't drive yourself. If you really can't breath call 911.

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Please help At the last few days I fell problem breathing and can really to yawn, I'm after throat infection, what's wrong with me?

More details. More details about your problem breathing. Is it shortness of breath? Wheezing?, difficulty of breathing? Pain with breathing? Also your throat infection? Is that a strep pharyngitis documented with rapid strep screen? Any other symtoms such as sore throat, fever? I encourage you to do a consult with a Healthtap doctor. Thanks and good luck.

Doctor said I have chest and throat infection nd when I cough it comes out clear sometimes white mucus. Is he true or no? Breathing not normal

Listen to doctor. Your doctor is the one who examined you and made the diagnosis based upon their findings. Have absolutely no way in which to question their accuracy. If your breathing is not normal and continues to worsen please go back and get re-examined. Good luck and get better soon.

I recently noticed a dark red line between my gums. I have a throat infection and am unsure if it is related or a separate problem.?

Dark red line. We need more information: where on your gums is it located, is it painful, how long has it been there. Any sore or lesion in the mouth that does not heal in 10 days needs to be examined. For an accurate diagnosis, see your dentist for a visual and clinical examination.

My husband (33) having continuous hiccup from last 24 hours and he had throat infection from cold as he has tonsil problem. What should we do now?

See your PCP. For evaluation and diagnosis. Some persistent or intractable hiccups are controlled with muscle relaxants, sedatives, analgesics or stimulants.

Dear doctor, I have throat infection which I can't swallow food and its get pain in throat. I am frequently facing this problem. Pls help me. Thanks.!

PLz be seen. You may not have an infection - it may be something else. If it is an infection the it needs to be treated. You can also consider acupuncture and chinese medicine as additional help.

Can untreated throat infection cause hyperthyroidism or thyroid problems? Thank you

No. An untreated throat infection, pharyngitis or laryngitis, will not cause thyroid disease. Most of these infections are viral and will get better with no treatment. Strep throat is a bacterial infection which needs to be treated to prevent the possibility of developing heart valve disease. Thyroid tissue can be infected or inflamed independently of a throat infection.