29 yr old son 5 years post hodgkin's tx with surgery, chemo, rad. Developing discomfort and mild swelling in 1 testical. Fam doc says wait. Advice?

Go to see oncologist. He should go to see his oncologist and get more testing-blood work and imaging studies. He should get an ultrasound for the testes and make sure there is no testicular mass. Due to his history of hodgkin's- need to make sure there is no recurence disease to the testes. Also, due to his young age-also need to make sure to rule out condition like testicular cancer - etc. Don't wait-go to see onc.
Concerning... If your son is having any other symptoms like fever, new lymph nodes, new bruising, shortness of breath while lying down, night sweats, unintentional weight loss, or new fatigue, I would get an ultrasound of his testicles now. I would be worried about a 2nd cancer like non-hodgkin lymphoma rather than a relapse. If he is otherwise ok and swelling not worse, ok to wait perhaps a little.