Can ear infection cause intense tooth ache where a tooth has been extracted along lower jaw line. And I can't bear to eat or touch the area.?

Possible. Pain is often referred between the ear and the lower teeth, or in this case where they used to be. If you have an earache, you may also get pain in your lower jaw. If you have a toothache, sometimes it can make your ear hurt. Your physician can look in your ears and your dentist can check your mouth. Between the 2 you should be able to find the cause.
Possble but. I would suggest seeing the dentist who removed your tooth or a dentist who specializes in facial pain. It could also be something else and should be diagnosed.
Yes/no. An ear infection can radiate pain to both upper and lower jaws. But, specific pain to touch at the extraction site is not referred ear pain. Go back to your dentist.
Let's back up. There may be several things going on simultaneously, and may be related or purely coincidental. Yes ear infections can be associated with referred pain in the area. Is it truly tooth type pain (acute to hot and cold and pressure)? Teeth are not found on the "jaw line" unless severely impacted, if so it was significant surgery. If fairly recently done, see dentist asap, otherwise ENT consult.