I have fibromyalgia and have been getting severe pain in my face and teeth, usually on one side. It feels like toothache, earache and jawache all in one. What should I do?

Possible TMJ. Tmj pain is common in fibromyalgia and treating this aspect is important. Find a dentist well trained in TMJ treatment and have a complete evaluation.
May be related, but. The pain may be coming from something else... I would suggest seeing someone who can diagnose the cause of the pain. It may be your dentist or a specialist in facial pain. Consider looking at www.Aaop.Org or www.Aacfp.Org for a specialist.
Dental vs non dental. Fibromyalgia certainly can cause head and neck pain. Pain on one side can also be from a dental problem. You need to see a dentist for a proper examination and diagnosis. There is no proper way to do that without an exam and possibly xrays.
Possible referred. Muscles are great at causing local and referred pain. Have someone examine the muscles and see if there are knots (or do yourself) and when you press down on these for 10 to 20 seconds, do they cause referred pain. Treat the cause, not the effects.