While pregnant, if the mother smokes marijuana does it increase the chances of baby having autism, or any type of disabilities?

In a way, yes. Some of the toxins you inhale with every cigarette will enter your blood and travel thru the umbilical cord to baby.It is well documented that the newborn of a marijuana smoker will have a smaller skull volume & the question of related learning problems has been difficult to sort out. Reliable data based on single agent exposure is not readily available.
A Class C drug, it . Has known effects in brain activity, behavior, & sleep patterns of prenatally exposed infants & children.Smoking 1 joint/day or > is likely to cause problems with attention, impulsivity, academic performance & short term memory, possibly from increased carbon monoxide/decreased oxygen to the fetal brain. Babies passively smoke what adults smoke & get it thru breast milk, impacting development.
Yes. Mothers who smoke mj have a higher incidence of premature births. Premies have a much higher incidence of learning problems, developmental disorders and adhd. There some reports of chromosomal damage with mj exposure. Best not to smoke anything during pregnancy or in non pregnant life, for that matter.