I am 32 weeks pregnant and my doctor toldme that I have low amniotic fluid about 10%. My baby is currently 4pound 10 oz should I be concerned?

Ask your OB to . Clarify the degree of oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid). Fetal weight is normal. If onset is recent, a fluid leak, medication (e.g.Ace inhibitor) or placental problem may be more likely than a renal, GI or brain anomaly or chromosomal abnormality, especially if fetal anatomy was normal on us. Oligohydramnios can impact lung maturity & delivery. Discuss possible causes & game plan with your ob.
Yes ,but. This can mean that something is interfering with babies ability to swallow some of the fluid , absorb it, and return it to the bag of waters as urine. A blockage in the digestive system or urine output may exist. If you have only 10% of the normal fluid it is much worse than if you are just down by 10%. Your delivery team, including the pediatrician needs to be aware & will plan accordingly.