Pinkish blood at the end of urination. Urine test:no infection but found blood and a lot of sand md said. Medication didn't work. Can it be blader stone?

Hematuria. Blood in the urine can be several things. Kidney stones or stones in the ureters (tubes leading from the kidneys to bladder) can cause blood. A bladder polyp can do the same thing if it ruptures. A prostate infection or bladder infection can lead to the same. Now.."a lot of sand"; he is likely referring to casts in the urine or sediment from the kidneys. You may need to see a urologist.
Hematuria. Hematuria is blood in the urine. You need a complete urologic evaluation that can involved bladder testing, a kidney scan, and sometimes other urine testing. It is important in this case to rule out cancer, especially if you are a smoker.