Have there successful pregnancies with these #s: falling hCG levels from 4598 on 1/7 to 4264 on 1/11 to 4230 on 1/14? Saw fetal pole, no hb, on 1/9.

Not good News. I am sorry to tell you this , but once the beta declines in early pregnancy, there is basically a zero percent chance of a normal & viable pregnancy. I am sorry for your loss and th emotional roller coatser you must be feeling. It is very clear, though, that a miscarriage does not change your future fertility at all not does it increas eyour chances of having anouther miscarriage in the future.
Sorry. These numbers not consistent with a viable pregnany. It does not lower your chances for a successful pregnancy next time though. I'm sorry to tell u but i'm sure your OB did. Good luck.
No. Bad sign. The quantitative beta-hcg should double every 48h. This falling HCG is a very bad sign. The pregnancy is not viable. The worst possible scenario is a tubal pregnancy that is stagnating but present, and may rupture a tube possibly causing fatal bleeding. It's time for an ultrasound to check out where this pregnancy is. With falling numbers like this, you should be bleeding and miscarrying. Go in!