When exercising my hands start to shake when my glucose levels are <80. Do I take sugar or cutback on meds?

Both. If your bs is < 80 and you are symptomatic, you might need some carbs to raise your bs at that time.Then you might need to talk to your doctor to see if an adjustment is needed so that this doesn't happen again. People reacts differently to exercise so it's important to keep track of how your body behave and discuss this with your doctor if your blood sugar keeps on going low during exercise.
Possibly both. The answer to controlling diabetes lies in the integration of taking the right meds to control the sugar without hypoglycemic swings when following the proper diet. When the hypoglycemia occurs anyway the "quick fix" is to take some sugar if the reaction is severe, otherwise cut back on the meds and adjust the dietary intake so that the lows do not occur.