For about 2 months I've been coughing, wheezing, had chest tightness and breathlessness. Is seeing an allergy/asthma dr a good idea?

Yes, good idea. An allergist can assist you in identifying the triggers of the cough, wheeze, etc, perform an examination, perform a breathing test called spirometry, and prescribe the right medications to control/prevent the symptoms as well as a quick relief medication to give rapid relief.
Absolutely. Allergists treat asthma and can assist you in identifying its triggers. National studies showed that allergists provide among the best asthma care.

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Is it possible to have asthma with no cough? Dr thinks I have asthma. I get frequent shortness of breath and tight chest. Very mild wheeze.

Sob. I notice you had an echocardiogram. Do you have a cardiac problem? If so, your shortness of breath, tight chest and wheezing may be cardiac in origin. See your crdiologist for further evaluation. Otherwise, your doctor's diagnosis apperas to be correct.

Breathlessness. Chest tight. Heart racing. Before I developed a wheeze docs said it's acidity or anxiety. After slight wheeze, they asthma? What is it

Lung function test? You need a lung function test when you have shortness of breath to ascertain the cause. If you wheezing when breathing out, it is likely to be from asthma. The same symptoms may occur with anxiety as well.

Coughing up small green mucus balls either in early morning or late night. Mucus is mostly clear but I get chest tightness and wheezing. Asthma?

Mgt. I would suggest an evaluation with your PCP. Viral induced asthma is one possible cause of your symptoms. Avoid smoke exposure and please monitor your temperature and stay well hydrated.
Reactive airways. Meaning: your lower airways are reacting by tightening up, which could be asthma, or a reaction to an upper airways inflammation, as sinusitis, either way, you need to see your doctor for evaluation and prescription medications as bronchodilators and probably antibiotics, best wishes.

No cough or sputum but I have a wheeze and tight chest. Pred. Value spirometry is 83%. Is this COPD or late onset asthma?

Other factors. Asthma is reversible airway obstruction that can start in adults. After taking several puffs of albuterol inhaler, there should be at least 12% improvement in fev1. While 83% falls within normal range, it is not likely normal for you if wheezing and tightness are present. COPD is from smoking and can show obstruction on lung function, but is less likely to be reversible like asthma.
Need more info. You gave predicted value but what was your actual value. By definition, asthma is reversable airway disease, i.e. Once you treat it, your lungs return to baseline normal. In contrast, copd, your airways will not return to normal but rather reach a lower than normal baseline depending on how severe you are. Thre are four leverl of disease and you get catagorized based on a lung function test.
More information pls. COPD patients typically will produce more sputum or mucus when they cough. Your symptoms may be either but without a history of smoking, asthma is more likely. Since you have had a PFT, asking for the FEV1/FVC ratio will help your physician determine whether there is a component of restriction as well.

It burns to breathe. I have been wheezing. I have chest tightness and coughing (sometimes spitting up mucus).On asthma meds will this improve on its own?

No see a doctor. Your symptoms could be worsening asthma or a new lung problem aggravating your asthma. You should see your doctor and get checked. If you are smoking quite. Avoid fumes and gasses. Good luck.

Wheezing at night when laying down but no cough? Dr said it was asthma but I'm not sure? My chest gets tight as well sometimes

It happens. Asthma is a variable condition most known for reversible restriction to airflow in the tiny airways. This is represented best by wheezing or "tightness". Cough is a less specific feature and may or may not be present on any specific occasion. Try to learn as much as you can about asthma and how it may be affecting you. It is a very significant illness & true asthma is a lifelong problem.

I have Asthma. I saw my Dr. Today. He said I'm wheezing and my chest sounds tight. 5 hours and now my cough taste like blood and my back hurts?

? bronchitis. Call the dr. Who treated you today and let them know your symptoms, as your asthma may be turning into a bronchitis requiring further treatment. Best wishes.
Asthmatic bronchitis. This may be asthmatic bronchitis rather than simple asthma, and antibiotics may be needed along with bronchodilator inhaler and steroid inhaler. A soothing cough suppressant syrup and possibly oral steroids may also be needed. Your physician will know whether a chest x-Ray is indicated.