Had a baby 8 months ago and currently pregnant. When this baby is born it will be a total of 14 months between births. Would a vbac be safe?

Maybe. There are a lot more factors than the time between babies that go into whether a vbac is a safe option. Things like reason for first c/section, type of incision, previous obstetric history to name a few. You should sit down with your OB and really discuss the risks , and decide on a plan that you both a comfortable with.
Better if >18 months. I also think that the interpregnancy interval is not the primary determinant of risk (over 1-1.5 years is optimum). Please see your obstetrician to discuss mode of delivery options and their respective risks/benefits. Remember that the focus should not be on the way your baby is born but on your health and the baby's health! best of luck!