How can diabetes type 2 affect your feet?

Feet. Absolutely. The circulation, nerve endings and skin surface and nails can all suffer if you don't take care of them.
Various factors. Diabetic patients often times will have poor circulation and a diminished healing ability which makes them more susceptible to developing foot infections. The presence of neuropathy is also a main contributor to the development of ulceration. If not treated promptly and appropriately, the foot ulcer can become infected, .

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Have diabetes type 2 feet have discoloring?

Many possibilities. Some causes of discoloration include trauma, infection, problems with the veins, and medication side effects. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment. Treatment varies depending on the diagnosis.

Have diabetes type 2 feet are purpelish coloring what can I do?

Vascular changes. Skin discoloration may be due to arterial or vascular pathology. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

What is the best foot insole / protection for diabetes type 2 with plantar fascilitis?

Diabetes with DM2. An excellent question. There are many over-the-counter products that state they have the best insole for people with diabetes. I would also make sure that you are in the correct shoe first prior to choosing the insole. Buying the correct insole will most likely be sold to you by the person selling you the correct shoe. Discuss this with your podiatrist prior to making purchase!
Custom molded. Custom molded orthoces with a multidensity top cover would be a good protective item for a diabetic with possible diabetic neuropathy to use inside their shoes.

My grandma has bad foot fungus and has diabetes type 2. Is there any home remedies for her foot fungus. It's getting worse.

Fungus/diabetes. Given the potential for problems associated with diabetes, I would be hesitant to try any at home remedies for athletes foot. Evaluation by a podiatrist would be beneficial, not only to help rid the fungal infection, but to ensure that your grandmothers foot does not run into problems in the future.
No. Fungus can affect both skin and toe nails, is it her nails or skin? Diabetics should be seen every two months by a foot doctor. The best thing you can do is to get her an aappointment with your local foot doc.
Have it evaluated. As a diabetic do not take any chances. Have it evaluated and get the appropriate treatment.
Fungus of skin? Or nail? If skin, any pharmacy has an otc antifungal, for the toenails see a podiatrist to have them trimmed down and if interested an oral antifungal agent can be given if no contraindication....

I had bunion surgery. I have diabetes. Type 2. Will it take longer for my foot to heal?

Depends. Not necessarily. It depends on many factors: circulation (good arterial flow and no chronic swelling), whether or not you have neuropathy and how well your sugar is controlled. Some say that it may take twice as long to "heal". Keep foot elevated as much as possible, follow your doc's orders and watch for signs of infection (redness, pain, heat, bdrainge).
Not necessarily. Make sure to keep strict glycemic control. If you already had the surgery the assumption is you were medical stable and labs were in order. Although, I guess better late than never, this would of been a great question for your surgeon before your surgery.
NO. If your blood sugar is maintained to normal levels, (diabetes under control) if neglected will have higher rate of infection, delayed wound healing and other problems.
It is possible. Diabetics should expect a possible delay in healing.

My mother has diabetes type 2 for 5 years. She is 61 years old. Her measured avarage diabetes values are 160.Why does she have foot pain by night?

Neuropathy. Most pain in foo with diabetics is due to diabetic neuropathy. Certain medications may help reduce the pain. See a podiatrist for help.
Pain. Any number of reasons can give pain in feet at night. Diabetics reguardless of control can get neuropathy...Changes to the nerve function of the legs and hands. This can give a list of complaints, numbness, burning, cold. Ask your doctor, .
Many possibilities. Cause of pain may include tight shoes, sprain, bursitis, fracture, contusion, neuritis, but of course there are a multitude of other possibilities. Thing that may help minimize your pain include: wearing shoes with a wider toe box, padding or stapping, oral nsaids. Get the feet inspected by a professional to determine the cause of the problem, as treatment varies depending on the diagnosis.

How can diabetes type 2 be removed completely?

Change. The most effective way to reduce the risk of diabetes type 2 is to watch your diet, exercise and maintain a healthy weight. There is no guarantee that one can "remove"it completely.