How long should the healing process take for partial toe nail removal surgery?

3 days. After a partial nail valuation the recovery is about 3 days. If you had a permanent procedure done it may take longer.
2 weeks. Depending how healthy you are. Kids heal quick, diabetics longer. Healthy, nondiabetic, nonsmoker, 48 yo should heal in two weeks as long as you do what your doctor instructed you to do: dressing changes, soaks, no sports, etc. Things to look for cherry red, swelling, increase pain or pus (milky substance) if you do call your doctor right away as those are signs of infection.

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How long should the healing process take for a partial toe nail removal surgery?

Healing times vary. Healing rates may vary from one patient to another depending on a variety of factors. Under normal circumstances, one should have significant decrease of pain and drainage after one week of the procedure. A delay in healing may result if a patient is immune compromised, individuals with poor circulation, diabetics, and people who do not follow through with the recommended post operative care.
Depends. If the nail is badly infected or not. Some people wait weeks before finally going to the doctor. On average, by one week, the infection should be cleared up, and no longer an pain present.
Partial nail. The healing time varies depending on the person as well as the procedure. It definitely takes longer than 3 days. See your podiatrist for an evaluation.