What does thinning of the retina mean?

Possible future tear. Thinning of the retina may refer to changes that can occur, usually at the peripheral edges. Sometimes thinning refers to lattice degeneration which is quite common. Lattice and retinal thinning are risk factors for retinal detachment. Though not necessarily lasered, it is good to monitor and follow these areas of thinning. Laser can be applied when a tear forms. This will prevent detachment.
Retinal thinning. Lattice degeneration is a thinning of the peripheral retina from the vitreous gel "pulling" on the retina with a distinctive whitening of the retinal blood vessels. This forms an oval or round patch of "lattice" white blood vessels and a thinned retina. Lattice can be associated with round retinal holes from the thinning and retinal tears at the edge-this can result in retinal detachment.