I am scared to death of dentists. What can I do to overcome this fear?

Sedation. First, find a dentist that can help make you comfortable and answers your questions. Second, ask about sedation and how it can help you.
Suggestions. You may never fully overcome your fear, but try some of these suggestions: 1. Find a dentist you trust implicitly; trust goes a long way in alleviating fear. 2. Find a dentist who provides oral & IV sedation or general anesthesia; these help you relax, and you won't remember the appointment or your feelings of anxiety. 3. Go. Until you face your fear, you will not overcome it. Good luck!
Lots, but GO. I understand your fear of dentists. Avoiding the profession doesn't help. You can go to a dentist that is qualified to put you to sleep or perhaps an anesthesiologist will put you to sleep while the dentist does your work. Also, if you don't wish to go that far, a dentist can prescribe something like valium before your appointment. You will need someone to drive you to and from the appointment.