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Should I be worried about a pea sized bump behind my ear that doesn't hurt or move?

Likely not. "Lumpy bumps" behind the ear, and under chin known as lymph nodes swell usually with infection or inflammation. Since yours is pea sized and not getting bigger, it is probably a lymph node and as such normal. Keep an eye on it, if you start getting pain, it starts getting bigger or you start noticing other lymph nodes in other places, see your doc as lymphoma would be a consideration.
At 18, no. But still need to be checked by your doctor. Most likely you have a cyst more common at your age. Make sure to see your doctor and once cleared, you don't have to worry.

Should I be worried about a pea sized bump behind my ear that doesn't hurt or move I have also noticed I'm gained 5 pounds and am more tiered lately?

Probably unrelated. I believe that these symptoms are unrelated. The small lump behind the ear may be an enlarged lymph node which may be "burned out" after some old inflammation. A cyst is another possibility. However if the lump doesn't recede, if it enlarges or if new lumps appear or fatigue continues, you should be evaluated by a physician.

I have a bump behind my ear on the bone about the size of a small pea. It is not visible and can only be felt when pressing on it. Ear lobe feels hot?

Sebaceous cyst. The sebaceous cyst is a firm rubbery subcutaneous lesion that's freely movable to the skin and has a central open that if squeezed too hard a white thick smelly oil will express from the hole. Do not pick on the whole simply apply warm soapy compress as they open up on its own, if not surgical treatment maybe necessary to remove it.

I found a small, pea sized bump on the bone behind my ear. It is soft to the touch and easy to push down. It doesn't hurt much.

Lipoma/Lymph node. The description sounds most like something called a lipoma. We all have them & gen find them by accident, if ever. They are small fatty balls that are soft & easily move. They are usually painless & if they don't bother you we don't bother them. Another poss is this is a lymph node, espec if it can be a little painful. Espec poss if you had a recent cold or ear ache. Grows/painful get it checked.