How to treat swollen neck glands from a head injury?

NOT RELATED. Swollen glands are not related to head injury head injury can not cause swollen glands, if you have swollen glands you should see your doctor to find the cause and proper treatment.

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I. Have swollen neck glands under chin, and jaw pain behind ears, nausea and no appetite for 7 days. Throat is sore sometimes but not always. V tired?

Viral illness. sounds like an upper resp infection Mononucleosis is a possibility would consult with ur doctor and/or some walk-in clinic for a quick monospot test; otherwise, rest, hydrate, take vitamins and assure good night sleep; if these symptoms protract beyond 1-2 weeks, I would consider further blood work and possibly imaging of glands to rule out other, more sinister causes; Feel Better. Read more...