Is it possible to get your canines enlarged?

Yes, but.......... Assuming there is sufficient amount of space available, tooth contours can be altered with composite bonding, veneers or crowns. However, there is more involved than merely increasing the size of teeth. Other factors such as the occlusion (bite), periodontal health and supporting bone, and habits such as bruxism need to be factored in and may preclude such enlargement. Discuss with your dentist.
Absolutely. No prep porcelain veneers can do this in two appointments. As an extreme i had a patient that wanted a vampire look. I made veneers for her 15 years ago and they are still looking great. Veneers can reshape any tooth. You do have to make sure to "clear" the bottom teeth. Now it is easier than ever.
Absolutely! See your dentist, discuss your goals and expectations and he/she should be able to give you several options. Pick your favorite and hit go. ;-).
Yes. The shape of teeth can be changed by a dentist with tooth colored materials such as: porcelain or composite resin. The color of teeth can also be changed in a similar manner.